Super Flashlight Review: Reliable and Useful App

Android phones have become more of a native tool, and this tool comes with a fair share of widgets. Speaking of which, Super Flashlight is a utility which is simple and saves battery. It has a positive rating on Google Play story and we are going to find out why is that so! Continue with the following review and see if it really is the best flashlight app or not.



Unlike other faulty apps out there, the Super Flashlight doesn’t come with utilitarian accessories. This app is more like a Swiss Army Knife. It’s light and extremely useful. If you wanted something that will offer the benefits of a flashlight without draining your battery than Super Flashlight is your choice.  It’s a simple app that is designed to help you out, instead of making things harder than they already are.

It features a strobe mode which can be adjusted, this making it an ideal call for emergencies. If you are looking for something fancy that this is not the thing, it just proves useful where it has to be. This is providing flashlight in dark or whenever you need it, without freezing or slowing down the device.


  • Brightest Illuminator Available
  • Quick Startup
  • Strobe Mode
  • Frequency Controller
  • SOS Flashlight Signal (Built-in)
  • Creative Flashlight Design
  • Light but Reliable App


Another great app that uses your camera and Flash to make a Flashlight, Super Flashlight proves itself better than others because of its simplicity and reliability. This app is controlled by a Flashlight like interface that allows the user to adjust light frequency. It’s simple and works ever after the screen is locked.

It saves you from all the unwanted stuff that comes along with a utility. Just turn on the light and get what you need as it doesn’t drain your battery in mere seconds.