Aviary – Android Pic Editor App

It is a photo editing application with a variety of features including Instagram-like filters, cutouts, photo frames, stickers and many other tools, making it one of the most complete programs in the category. It is available for free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones.


The Aviary Photo Editor application brings an excellent set of tools for editing and processing of images. Its functions go from the most technical ones, like correction of brightness and colors, to mounts with stickers and texts of the known memes of internet. No doubt the numbers of options are so many, that you will need a good free time to discover them all.

There is a stark difference between the three versions of the application. The iOS version is the one with the best look, the cleanest and easiest way to find the tools, but it has the same volume of features as the Android version. On the other hand, the Windows Phone is extremely poor, both in the interface and in the amount of resources present. The app is abandoned in the WP Store and has not been updated since July 2013.

InstaSize-Photo Editor is more complete Andriod pic editor than Aviary Photo Editor when it comes to photo editing features. However, in each of these options, there is very little variety available, forcing the user to buy packages within the app whenever he wants to treat the image with something different. This is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating aspects of the application.

Once the app is opened for the first time, the first screen that appears is the album with the most recent photos stored on the device. Just choose one to begin the editing process without complication. At the end of the process, it saves production automatically on the album, in a folder separate from the original photo.