Burst Bubbles With Bubble Shooter

It goes without saying the change is the name of game. We humans also soon get bored with the same things in our life. We look for new furniture as we don’t want to stick to the same ordinary stuff. The same happens with your games on your smartphone. You’re always in search of something new that can bring a change in your life be it a new car or even a new game.

With this in mind, today we’re up with a new game, Bubble Shooter that can really add a real, stunning fun to your life especially when you have nothing to do. Bubble Shooter features a very easy-to-understand storyline as your child can comprehend the whole strategy quite easily.


You need to match three or more identical bubbles to release the trapped squirrels wanting to be free. With incredible boosts and stunning puzzles, you will spend hours playing this game as it combines a very addictive gameplay.

Just shoot 3 or more same-colored bubbles to make a way for adorable squirrels. The game features stunning graphics and soothing background music, allowing you to get most out of your leisure time.

Game Features

  • Tricky and stimulating levels, hundreds of exciting bubble shooting stages
  • There’s no restriction to lives, you get unlimited lives
  • Super easy gameplay
  • Aim and shoot anywhere on the screen where you want to burst identical bubbles
  • Fully immersive storyline, you will surely fall in love in just first attempt
  • Free upgrades with new, interesting surprises and levels
  • Powerful bubble boosters help beat difficult levels

How you look at this game? Have something to say about Bubble Shooter? Please feel free to share your valuable thoughts using the comment section below.