Sudoku Free Review: Proud Release of Potato Game Studio

The latest release from Potato Game Studio, Sudoku Free another android version of the ever popular card game! This is not just another release, it’s a well designed and developed game that has met with positive reception with a rating for 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play. But is it really worth the fame? Let’s find out!



Sudoku Free is an interactive Sudoku game (coined by the name). This game is best set for beginners and experienced players. It features a lot of customization and gameplay options, making it a tough contender for others in competition.


This is very typical, you have 9×9 grid by numbers, one via nine. You have to use the ideas given and fill the numbers so the nine numbers can span in each row, column or group without a single one repeating itself. It’s very simple, yet full of fun.  

There are many customization options available throughout the game.  You progress through the campaign as you solve different puzzles. Speaking of puzzles, they are not as tough as you may find in other games, although they encourage you to brainstorm for a while. All being fair, it’s safe to say that Sudoku Free is a great release by Potato Game Studio.


  • Clear Notes
  • Stars
  • Check Errors
  • Auto Save
  • Auto Fill (can be disabled)
  • Three Different Difficulty Settings
  • Numerous Levels in Every Grade


The new release from Potato Game Studio is a must have for players belonging to every skillset. This covers beginners, experienced and veteran ones. This game features a clean and energetic presence which gives it an edge over others.

It’s not the best of best, but it doesn’t fail to make its mark as a standalone. It features some challenging puzzles that makes the whole thing interesting, this is paired with its interactive gameplay, and yes its worth your pass time.