Latest iOS Apps For Your Apple Device

We are always on a hunt to discover new stuff, be it new apps or games for your apple device. This time we bring you a bunch of latest iOS apps, allowing you to get most out of your iOS device with these newly updated/released applications. Let’s have a look at them and see which is your favorite one;

Gifstory – GIF Camera and Editor 

Gifstory is great app for those wanting to relive their loving moments in a series of animated GIFs. It’s a fun app that allows anyone to transform their everyday life into lively GIFs. You can share your work with your mates, friends and other family members through messengers & social networks. You could apply any of 12 strikingly filters to add more fun to it.


Composer’s Sketchpad

This application is a treasure for those wanting to make new tunes and music. The Composer’s Sketchpad allows you to jot down your musical ideas using Apple Pencil or your fingers. With this app, you simply give a reality to the music that’s rattling in your mind. There’s no limits placed on pitch or meter, you’re free to do whatever is running your mind.


MyPermissions – Privacy Cleaner

That’s biggie when it comes to protecting your privacy. MyPermissions from Online Permissions Technologies allows you to be safe while using apps on social networks. Discover which app is a threat for your personal information. With this app, you remain protected and no one could steal your sensitive information. It simply warns and tells you that what kind of data being used by particular application. Enable its 24/7 protection mode and get real-time alerts when any dangerous app gains access to your sensitive information.