How to Choose the Right Bitcoin Exchange

If you’re thinking to invest in Bitcoin, the next first step you need to do is to find the right bitcoin exchange to get things started. With so many available choices, picking the right bitcoin exchange can be intimidating and time sucking. Choosing the wrong bitcoin exchange can spoil your money and time as well.

So, it’s important the one should take it very seriously prior to finalizing anything with any bitcoin broker. You should do your homework and run the numbers to make sure you pick the best, right bitcon exchange. With this in mind, we have assembled some of important points one should keep in mind while opting for a bitcoin exchange. Let’s take a look at them below;


You are supposed to prefer those working/operating in your country. Since rules and regulations vary from country to country, it’s obvious that you shouldn’t want to pick those operating outside your country because you’re unaware of their laws and regulations.

You should read their terms of service very carefully to make sure you don’t regret your decision later. So, it’s recommended that you should consider buying bitcoin in your home country to avoid any possible conflict later.



Although regulation is not obligatory in most countries, you should prefer those who are regulated. Non-regulated exchanges are risky and you can lose all of your hardly earned money in a blink of an eye. They employ special deceiving tactics and gimmicks to loot others. They may should you very professional and reliable, but in reality they have hidden agendas to steal your money through a systematic way. So, bitcoin exchange regulation is necessary and you should keep this point in mind while picking bitcoin exchange. Also, you shouldn’t invest in ICOs if you don’t have enough knowledge about it.

Payment method

Make sure the payment method you’re going to use is okay and free from possible errors. You can pay with cash, wire transfer, PayPal, credit cards, etc. The decision to choose the payment method should be yours because you know what works best for you. Whatever you choose, make sure your privacy isn’t damaged.


That’s biggie when it comes to picking the right bitcoin exchange. You need to select only those who have a good reputation in the marketplace. You may also ask your close friends and others from your social circle for their recommendations. This way you can surely find the right exchange to get things started.


The exchange you’re going to use should be secure. It goes without saying that no one ever wants to invest in an unsecure exchange. Is your Bitcoin exchange webstie is HTTP or HTTPS? HTTPS is supposed to be good in terms of security and safety. So, the next time you look for bitcoin exchange, make sure the site has HTTPS protocol. You also need to see if the site offers secure longings with 2FA authentication.

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