How Your People Management Skills Are Dictated By Your Work Style Work Personality Type

What would your colleagues say about their experience of working with you? How you come across in the workplace impacts your people management skills and your team’s ultimate output. Having a leadership style which lends itself to working well with others is something many employers and recruiters consider as a must have. The secret is being self-aware and realising what makes you and your colleagues tick.


The PAEI people management model

There are many models in the market to help define who you are professionally, some helpful, whilst others prove to be rather long-winded. Recruitment specialist, PageGroup sees Dr. Ichak Adizes’ PAEI management model, as one of the ways to unveil workplace personality. Dr Adizes contends that effective management teams are comprised of a combination of four leadership styles; each of which can be broken down by a personality type which can, in turn, dictate your people management skills. These personality types can be applied to jobs across the board, such as: HR jobs, agency jobs, public sector jobs and office manager jobs, to name a few.

The producer

The producer (P) is the personality that gets things done. They are confident in their approach, and are able to deliver timeously, no matter what the task. While the producer’s approach is efficient, they don’t always consider what’s best for the wider team. Their people management skills could improve by communicating consistently with their team and encouraging them to do the same.

The producer typically spends their day managing deliverables and people.

The administrator

The administrator (A) is the organised, calm and collected voice of reason when work situations become hectically busy. They are good at stream-lining processes and choosing the right solution, at the right time. The administrator tends to spend a lot of time problem solving, without always considering the need for creative, out-of-the box thinking. An administrator could improve their leadership qualities by collecting constructive feedback from colleagues regarding processes that work and those that do not

An example of a typical administrator is someone who asks their colleague to send a re-cap via email, after a simple request was put forward to them by a colleague at their desk.

The entrepreneur

This is the blue-sky thinker. The out-of-the-box strategist. And the goal achiever. The entrepreneur doesn’t always consider the finer details, and could overcome the lack of this leadership quality by sharing their big ideas with colleagues, before they share it with the respective stakeholder.

The entrepreneur usually moves from one big idea or project to the next, without always tying together any loose ends.

The integrator

This is a “people person” who is well liked across all personality types, as they are able to recognise and implement what needs to be done to make a team effectively work well together. That said, they do over-think situations and team dynamics, and could master their leadership style by not always assuming the mediator role.

With any new piece of work the integrator applies their leadership qualities of considering everyone’s strength on the team, to ensure optimal output.

Working together to get the best out of each other

After reading through the respective roles, would you say your people management style leans toward being: a producer, administrator, entrepreneur, or an integrator? Take PageGroup’s five-minute Work Better Together Quiz to discover your work personality type and how you can work better together with your team.