Tips to Solve Your Drainage Problems

Trying to solve the problems of drainage and water alone is often a poor choice because you can not completely understand the water patterns or water sources and you may not have the tools and skills to solve the water problem once and for all. Do not hesitate to take the right step to protect the value of your property. Contact the French drains installation Portland specialists for an assessment of your water problems and resolve them from an estimate.


Some examples of specific situations you might want to call a French drainage Portland specialist are the following:

  • Floods in the basement or ground floor of your home
  • Flooding or standing water in your backyard space
  • Accumulation of water in sidewalks, walkways or other landscape areas
  • Inadequate drainage of rainwater runoff that causes erosion

As a first step to determine where the water is drained. You also need to determine the size of a trench you need to dig yet this depends on how serious the drainage problem is. A proper slope to drain the water away from where the pools is essential and you also need to get the permission of your neighbors if the discharge is near your property line or if the water drained from them will have an impact. Make a query for the appropriate utilities as to where to cable, electric, gas, water or line so that they come and mark the lines if it is there. This process may take a few days to plan properly and also make sure you know if permission is required to install a drainage system. There should be no contaminants and sediment from the water draining into a sewer. Many French drainage water directly drop into a dry pit or rain garden where a dry pit is filled will with gravel or rain garden. It is possible to store the excess water safely until the water is absorbed into the groundwater.