Adding Art in Your Home Using Tapestries

Tapestries are pieces of art which add color and pattern to a space. Traditionally tapestries were hand woven on a vertical loom using linen or cotton. Nowadays tapestries are made using wool, silk and other materials.

Tapestries have a way of changing the ambiance of a room depending on the type, color and pattern of the tapestry, the place where a tapestry is placed, can be converted into an artistic, inviting and cozy space.

There are many options for tapestries available in the market, some of which include- Grayscale, world map and nature prints and printed photograph tapestries. This one of a kind tapestries not only come in many designs and colours but can also be used in different ways to decorate your home.

Adding Art in Your Home Using Tapestries

Ways to use tapestries

Tapestries can be used for decorating bare walls. You can hang them on a sofa and also use it as a headboard by hanging it behind your bed. Another interesting use of a tapestry is to use it as a bedcover. Some of the tapestries are extremely thin and can be used as a cozy cover-up while lying in bed watching a movie or just reading a good book.

They can also serve as a cost-effective way to cover up any holes or patches in your walls. Hang a tapestry and all the things that spoil the look of your room are neatly hidden away behind this beautiful piece of art.

If you are looking for hanging a tapestry on your wall, there are many ways to do it-

If you are staying in a rented apartment

  • Velcro tape

Simply attach self-adhesive Velcro tape evenly on the sides of the tapestry and stick it to the wall. This is an easy way to hang tapestry without drilling holes in the wall. However, Velcro tape will not be able to hold up extremely heavy tapestry, so it is a wiser option to choose a light material tapestry if you are planning to use this method.

  • Using a Rod

Another smart way of hanging tapestry without damaging the walls is to hang it using curtain rods. Make sure your tapestry has pockets at the back which will allow the rod to pass through them.

If you can afford to make holes in the walls

  • Nails

This is the easiest way to hang a tapestry made of thick material on a wall. If you are looking for a casual or shabby look with your tapestry, simply use nails on the corners of the piece. If you are going for a neat look, you can use the nails to pin the tapestry across the entire top part of the tapestry.

  • Use a Frame or Frame it

You can showcase your beautiful tapestry by stretching it over a wooden frame and hanging it on a wall or simply mount it on a wall by framing it using glass. This surely will be a piece of attraction in your home!