Cookie Jam Review: A Challenging Feast

If you are a sweet tooth when it comes to mobile games and you loved candy crush, then we have a treat for you. We are going to reveal the sort of spiritual successor of Crush Saga.  We are going to review a delicious new game that features the mechanics and theme of candy saga. Stick with us for this review!



Cookie Jam, at first sight it seems as your generic puzzle game players and tricking. it is a different product overall. Sure it seems inspired from candy crush which we won’t argue about but not every detail is burrowed from there.

Cookie Jam features a travel system. In this game, you will need to travel across different cities to help chef panda to find the best recipe ever. This is the adventure where the panda comes across different challenges and he needs your help to overcome them. The gameplay features well detailed settings and a variety of recipes to keep things interesting.

Not Easy as it Seems

If you thing Cookie Jam is an easy game and its made for children of small ages. Well, you are in for a disappointment because this game is not as simple as it seems. It’s a challenge and only made for those who have experience in the three match puzzle genre.

You need to invest effort into Cookie Jam if you want to get through each level. There are great rewards unlocked as you progress through the journey but with each new level the challenge will get only tough. so be prepared for it.

Final Thoughts

This is a clone or rip-off of the much loved candy crush, so should you try it. Well, if you liked candy crush than you should definitely try this game out, it will live to your expectations.