Word Search Puzzle Review: Tricky Puzzle Game

Word Search Puzzle is a tricky game that keeps you engaged for hours. This puzzle game generates clever and challenging puzzles. If you have a knack for word search, then this is the game for you. This puzzle game is making its competition look bad and below we are going to find out how. So continue with us!



Word Search Puzzle is not to be mistaken with your average word game. This game sets the bar to a whole new standard and it won’t fail to impress you. It’s a simple word search game that generates challenging puzzles. Developed and maintained by Potato Game Studio, the game has a rating of 4. 1 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store, making it one of the highest rated world game for android.

The format of finding words is great but the elegance of word creation is the real heavy hitter here.  This sets the game apart from others. The game is available for free but it follows a free-mium plan.

Instructions to Play

  • You need to search vertical, horizontal, backwards and diagonal to find words
  • When you find something, swipe your finger over it to highlight
  • Only Valid words will remain highlighted
  • Find all words in provided time or you lose
  • Act fast to score higher


  • Short Time
  • Clever UI
  • 3 Different Difficulty Settings


We won’t argue with the fact that Word Search Puzzle is an addictive game. Its designed for brain teasers to search word in the given time. If they fail to find all of them, it costs them the round. This game features a unique UI system that makes sure a previously generated puzzle will hardly repeat. This puts up a real challenge, and makes the game more exciting. All of this makes Word Search Puzzle worth of your time, and money.