Climatic Change k/w Global Solution

A global issue can be termed as a political, economic, social or environmental problem that can lead to a massive global change. A few examples of such issues include, water scarcity, greenhouse effect, overpopulation and glacier melting. In this article the focus will be on the climatic change, there are several reasons leading to the abrupt change in climatic conditions. These include greenhouse effect, emissions from factories, radioactive substances and toxic emission from the automobiles. Yet the solution to every problem exists and good thing related to the current climatic situation is that it can be dealt easily and a global solution to this issue lies in human behavior.


Several folks are of the view that dealing with the climate change is will be too costly thus presenting a resolution on international forum will be of no worth. But recent studies have shown that the actions taken in this aspect would be much cheaper than inaction. To deal with this problem a thing must be kept in mind that prevention is better that cure. So we have to change the ways of our livings and our attitude and behavior to mother earth thus there is a single global solution to this global issue. The climate of our land is out of balance these days. Our beloved earth is getting hot with every passing day. Due to this change in temperature, not only the human race but every living kind on Earth is in trouble.

Several researchers and environment specialist are agreed on a single agenda that the climate change is the greatest threats our planet has ever faced. In the recent years increase in temperature is observed in various regions either it is a northern region, tropical countries or near the poles every region is under the weather threat these days. The problem ca only be controlled by altering the human activities as these activities contribute to about 99% to the increase in average global temperatures. All we have to do is to modify the ways we are leading our lives and everything will be fine that the only possible global solution to this heating giant.