The WoodOX Sling – The Ultimate Firewood Log Carrier for Carrying Firewood with Greatest Convenience

Are you on the lookout for the best firewood log carrier? Look no further than ‘’The WoodOX Sling’’, a one-of-a-kind firewood carrying tool that is designed with modern day requirements in mind to deliver greatest accuracy and efficiency. The team behind ‘WoodOX Sling – The Ultimate Firewood Carrier is currently running a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter to get financial support from the investors. It’s scheduled to be available to the public in March 2019. If you like their firewood log carrier concept, be sure to back them on Kickstarter to help them make The WoodOX Sling reality.


Once the crowd funding is successfully completed, the WoodOX Sling will be made in the USA by a family owned Vermont-based company, LogOX. It’s designed especially to hold firewood securely without causing any discomfort to your body. Users can easily load and unload firewood while standing upright.

What sets WoodOX Sling apart from its rivals is its innovate, ergonomic design. It works on special weight distribution principles to offer optimum convenience and precision. Here’s what the team behind WoodOX Sling says about their log carrier:


‘’The WoodOX Sling is far more efficient than carrying firewood by hand, and significantly more ergonomic than traditional firewood carrying bags or “totes” (yes, even the $150 monogramed ones), The WoodOX Sling’s back saving and strain-free design is a game changer for anyone who heats with firewood. This shift in the center of gravity makes it much easier to load and unload while standing upright, and causes far less strain on your body as you move.’’

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