What Does a Purple Lily Mean?

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Beauty, fertility, purity, renewal, rebirth, and devotion are some of the meanings of the lily flower. For ages, the beauty of this flower has influenced the work of poets and painters. The flower is so beautiful that it inspired the phrase “gilding the lily,” which means “overdoing anything since the lily is so flawless.”

Lilies are a classic flower that comes in a variety of hues. These beautiful flowers are perfect for pampering a loved one on their anniversary or expressing sorrow at funerals. Furthermore, colorful lilies are a lovely way to mark a momentous occasion such as a work promotion, graduation, or even the purchase of a new home.

Lilies come in a variety of hues and types, each with its cultural meaning. Pureness, passion, rebirth, and royalty are all symbols linked with lily bouquet. However, these connotations may change based on the color and the event.

What exactly do lilies signify?

Purple Lily


Here are some of the attributes that the lily symbolizes.

  • Beauty

Lilies come in over 90 different species and may be found all across the Northern Hemisphere. Few would claim that they enhance the beauty of the environments in which they exist. They are, in fact, emblems of beauty, which is maybe why Lily is such a popular girl’s name.

  • Fertility

The transformation of a lily flower from a closed bud to a blooming flower is suggestive of a baby developing in a mother’s womb. As a result, the lily is indeed a fertility symbol. Couples who are trying to conceive can emphasize the lily. They can also have them in their house and garden to help them conceive by bringing calm, pleasant energy.

  • Purity

The lily blossom is a sign of purity, modesty, and virtue, in addition to its beauty. Some lily species, like the lotus bloom, thrive in muddy conditions. The lily emerges from the earth or mud like a bulb, only to bloom gloriously above the surface like if cleansed. This is why the lily is often associated with purity.

A lily is a symbol of a pure heart and noble intentions. It also represents the possibility of atonement via pure intentions and good acts, regardless of where you come from or what missteps you’ve done in the past.

  • Transformation and rebirth

Lilies are frequently presented to the bereaved and at memorial ceremonies to memorialize a departed loved one. This is why these flowers also have a grief connotation. The underlying significance of the lily flower, however, is transformation and rebirth.

Death, after all, is the passage from the physical to the spiritual dimensions. A lily’s bud begins to bloom as it emerges from water or the soil, symbolizing the cycle of life and spiritual growth. This cycle is also represented by lily meaning, which is similar to lotus flower symbolism.

The opening of the lily blossom represents attaining spiritual enlightenment. We are all here to grow spiritually, and death is a significant part of that process. That is why we offer lilies to individuals who are mourning the loss of a loved one. It’s a subtle reminder that, even as they grieve, their loved one has progressed to a higher level of existence. That is also why the Easter Lily has been around for so long. It symbolizes hope, as well as the rebirth of Christ and the Earth with spring.

  • Devotion

The symbolism of the lily flower also involves devotion. The lily signifies clarity of thinking and honest intentions, just as it is a symbol of purity. Faith is a word that comes to mind while describing this. Devotion can refer to a commitment to another person, a group of people, youngsters, or animals. It can also refer to a commitment to a spiritual path or calling.

Purple lily meaning

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Purple is a hue that represents peace, harmony, majesty, and spiritual awakening. Purple colors, such as lavender, Fuschia, and blue tones, are common in water lilies. As a result, a pond with purple water lilies is an excellent location for meditation and the development of spiritual practice, as well as for a peace garden. Purple lilies are also a beautiful present for bringing harmony to a marriage or relationship.

Lily flowers in folklore and cultural mythology 

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The lily can be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. As a result, the lily flower features in many of these countries’ cultural myths and folklore. These are a few of such tales.

  • Greek mythology of lily flower

The lily is associated with purity and beauty in Greek mythology and has been for thousands of years. Hera, Zeus’s wife, was famous for her beauty. Zeus, on the other hand, was unfaithful, as many of us know.

Zeus sought to let his illegitimate son Hercules drink off Hera’s breast one evening while she slept. Hera, on the other hand, awakened and tossed the kid away. Her breast milk flowed as she did so, and lilies (or the Milky Way, depending on who narrates the story) sprang from it.

  • Ancient Egyptian lily symbolism

The Nile River Delta in Egypt is home to a blue lily. The blue lotus is another name for it. The lily was a symbol of purity and change for the ancient Egyptians, including rebirth into the afterlife.

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