The Baby Gender Calendar To Get Pregnant for a Baby Boy

The baby gender calendar is not the same one you are already accustomed to. To know when you can get pregnant, a tip is to give a vote of confidence to the ancient people who created this Table. The technique, although not based on any scientific basis, may be a good attempt.

How baby gender calendar works? You must add your current age plus 1 and check in the table in which months of the year you can generate a boy or a girl. If you were born in the months of January or February, what counts on the table is your actual age – the lunar age. Following this example, if you are 24 and born in May, your lunar age is 25 (24 + 1). According to this chart, the months in which you can get pregnant of a boy are: February, March, June, August, September, October, November and December.

Sex to get pregnant from a boy

According to experts, the male gamete is less resistant than the female, but in contrast is much faster. So to give Y sperm more chance you should maintain intercourse on the day of ovulation when the male will take advantage and thus increase the chances of getting pregnant for a baby boy.

Some people also indicate that sexual intercourse should be more stimulating for the woman before the ejaculation of the man, since the canal to the ovum will be more conducive to the movement of the male gametes – the mucus produced in the act of the feminine excitation helps reduce the acidity of the place.

Bet on scientifically proven methods for getting pregnant

There are several old methods and sympathies to try to increase your chances of becoming a boy, but the important thing is to remember that there are already some proven gender selection methods. In that case, you should opt for systems that have science endorsement and really increase your chance of having a boy in up to 90%.