5 Tips for Better Kite Surfing by Rami Beracha

Something that needs to be clear from the start is that this sport requires patience says Rami Beracha from Israel. As the saying goes “if at first you cannot, try and try again”. But it’s no use forcing, you have to respect your limits and follow the guidelines in kite surf.

The 5 kite surfing tips:

1- Learning kite-surf alone

This is almost certainly the first aspect need to keep in mind and so it is one of the first kite surfing tips for beginners. Learning kite surfing in lessons is not only much safer, it also makes its evolution faster and the quality of its techniques.

5 Tips for Better Kite Surfing by Rami Beracha

2 – Progressions of learning

It all starts with the ground lesson, where the beginner learns control of the kite and the key is to pay attention on the sky over the 180-degree arc called the “kite-surf wind window”.

After that, learning how your body is dragged is part of learning before you ever get on the board.

3 – Climatic situations

You’ve probably heard water sports enthusiasts discussing about the weather, whether the wind will be good in upcoming days. There are quite a few reliable websites offering the predictions.

Sit at your table for a minute and look for perfect weather conditions.

4 – When should I try the skills?

There is no particular thing to think about this issue, therefore, you will need to decide yourself according to your confidence levels, this is a primary kite surfing tips.

Again if you follow kite-boarding lessons step by step, you will be much more convinced in your skills.

5 – Equipment

When thinking about kite surfing tips, one of the big questions that sportsmen’s mind is the complete equipment for kite surfing and the first thing to look for is a kite with good stability, moderate speed of rotation, excellent unit against the wind and with largest possible wind range.

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