Birthday Party To-do List

Birthday parties are always so fun. It’s great to hang out with your friends, eat cake, and celebrate someone important to all of you. There’s a ton of things you have to do to prepare for a birthday party though. Below is a list of a few things you’ll need to get taken care of before your party.


First things first, you need to figure out where your party will be. Do you want to eat out at a restaurant? Or hang out at a friend’s house playing games? There are tons of options to choose from. You could visit the zoo and see all the cute animals. Or you could go paint balling and see who wins. Loser buys the cake afterwards. Other ideas include the aquarium, a museum, or having a movies marathon at your home.

Once you have a venue, it’s time to decide on the guest list. How many people get invited is dependent on where your party is being held. You can’t have 100 people in a restaurant that only holds 50, after all. If your party is in a large facility, then there’s less limitations on who you can invite. If it’s in a smaller building, figure out who you absolutely must invite first, then add to the list as space permits.

After you know who you want to invite, you need to send out the invitations. I like using Basic Invite. Their sweet 16th party invitations are beautiful, and I wish I had used them when I was 16! All their stationery is customizable, so you can make sure the card is perfect. Don’t forget to put a note to RSVP for your party if you’re doing an activity like paint ball or visiting the zoo, where a head count is important to qualify for group discounts.

Now you’re ready to celebrate! I hope you enjoy your birthday and make lots of memories.