How To Prepare Tangiers Essence for Your Hookah

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Today we are going to talk a little about the process of preparing one of the best known essences on the market, Tangiers for your Hookah Calgary. A premium American smoke, we’ve all heard of usually comes in a 250g package in vacuum storage. So for the start of the procedure, it’s good that you have a storage pot to keep it safe.

You have probably seen somewhere, people storing Tangiers in this pot and wondered why, I will explain to you: generally this type of pot is better, so that the smoke is very loose, as it is stored under vacuum. This pot is better for transportation and the other steps of the preparation process.

How To Prepare Tangiers Essence for Your Hookah

Second step is always good before you start air conditioning, you prepare a Rosh with the essence like that. The air conditioning consists in leaving the essence to your taste, because it is a smoke that comes with a strong smell of tobacco, you may like it that way and if so, just leave it stored and smoke.

You rode and found the essence very strong. No problem, let’s start the HVAC process. Separate the smoke well in your container and place a damp cloth over it, leave it in your window or in some airy corner for about 1 or 1:30 hours. Mount another Rosh and see if it fits your taste.

If it is still not good, repeat the process and always stirring the essence well to separate the smoke, until it reaches a pleasant point for you.

You have probably heard that you have to leave for a night in the serene to fully acclimate. Better not, you will see if you agree with your taste, this is the most effective and ideal way for your Khalil Mamoon hookah Calgary.

I hope you enjoyed it, enjoy this wonderful Herbal Calgary hookah smoke.

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