Which Vase Model to Use for Your Hookah?

Today, we will talk about some Khalil Mamoon hookah Montreal models of vessels, sizes and stems that fit and give good finishing.

In our opinion both have the same performance, but some stem models combine better with jumbo or bell (this question goes well with particular taste of each one).

Which Vase Model to Use for Your Hookah

Another important point is the large-sized hookahs where they are exclusively used in pots also of large size of 30cm or more, there are still some XXL of 33cm but very difficult to find, so the design of the heart of the stem gives a finish as a single piece in relation to stem / vase leaving your setup even more beautiful. The medium-sized arches can also be fitted in 30cm pots, however in aesthetics and the amount of water used in these vessels are not desirable, and so the best finish for medium-sized stem is medium-sized pots, 26cm, and ending with the small Hookahs that are compatible with vessels of small size.

We will speak now on a very delicate subject which is the hybrid Hookah Montreal. Today in the market we have infinity of these models by several factors, (but we are not here to speak of them but of the vessels that can be used in them).

Talking a little bit now about the “Compatible ” Hookah Accessories Montreal that are very specific cases for each particular brand starting then by the Mani Sultan that his down stem for pots of 30cm is short, having thus to put a greater volume of water in the pot. Since its socket in 26cm pots is not legal in the matter proportion to the pot nozzle (the Stem is well, great for pots of 26cm), Infinite Slim and Marajah Dhule have the inverse problem that their proportion has 30cm vase nozzle.

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