10 Forgotten Winter Fruits and Veggies

Vegetables and fruits are very important for spending a healthy life. These should be used in our daily diets. The majority of the people eats fruit, but they avoid eating vegetables, but both food items contain important ingredients for health. There are 10 Forgotten Winter Fruits and Veggies  and these are given below with their benefits.


  • Radish

Containing numerous health benefits it is an ideal food in winter. It is good enough for the liver and improves the function of it. Radish is the real mean to attain the abundant amount of vitamin C.

  • Blood Oranges

These are rich in iron and the extraordinary amount of Vitamin C make it a highly important food for health.

  • Snow peas

A wonderful item for salads and dishes. It can easily be eaten by boiling it. Offering an enough amount of iron and minerals, it is an ideal vegetable of winter.

  • Cabbage

It is a low calorie food and an essential item of salads. It contains minerals, vitamin C and K as well as a heavy amount of fiber.

  • Chestnuts

Containing the sour taste and ideal fruit with eating sugar or honey, it is a cold weather fruit. It is full of vitamin C and K.

  • Artichokes

It comes in early winter and spring, rich in fiber and vitamin C, K and folate. You can avail it in cans and it is a low calorie diet as well.

  • Persimmon

It is unique in taste and texture, rich in fiber and vitamin C. It is used in baking items as well as in salads to raise the flavor or taste.

  • Kale

It is a wonderful vegetable in the cold weather to keep yourself warm. It contains vitamin A, C and K.

  • Cranberries

Ideal for many reasons. It empowers the brain and energizes the body.

  • Rhubarb

It is one of the best food that provides the sufficient food components to stay healthy.