Differences Between Functional Nutrition and Fitness

When it comes to healthy eating, you can find different types on the Internet. Among the options, two are highly commented: functional food and fitness food. To summarize superficially, we can say that functional food is composed of foods that have nutrients that are good for health and prevent different types of diseases. The chef coach certification is the best way to become expert turning a passion for cooking into a career.


The fitness diet has nutrient-rich foods that help the recovery and development of the muscles of those who practice physical activities.

The foods that can be considered part of a fitness food: sweet potato, brown rice, chicken, egg, broccoli, and foods with high concentration of proteins in general.


In a way, we can identify something in common in the two types of food: the preference for natural foods. Regardless of which diet you feel most comfortable with, avoiding industrialized foods will always be a priority, because in addition to having little or no nutrients, they have many chemical additives that can harm your health.


At first, it may seem difficult to get rid of the food you buy ready-made at the supermarket and switch to healthier alternatives, but the good news is that once you get used to it, you won’t want to go back to the old routine. Start small and don’t try drastic changes at once. One of the best strategies is to use the substitution method: if you are in the mood to eat a candy, for example, instead of depriving yourself of food and getting hungry and hungry, switch to a fruit. You do not need to stop eating, but gradually replace your habits.

But, regardless of your goal (lose weight, gain muscle or get healthier), look for a nutritionist to make a balanced diet for you.