We don’t need to discuss why buying textbooks is necessary but what we do need to discuss is the considerable perk that comes with buying online. You get many more choices and can compare different price rates before purchasing a textbook.

But here’s the problem, people don’t know any other website that’s not named Amazon. So what happens when you don’t want to shop at Amazon? Is that a wrap? Where else can you look? Why don’t we answer these questions with a list of the best alternatives to Amazon for buying textbooks online?


1. Abebooks

This site has been running for over two decades. It is still going strong due to textbooks ranging from the prevalent copies to the less common, rare, and first edition books that sell for thousands of bucks.

Another fun feature of this site is that they allow smaller bookstores and sellers to utilize the market and compete with the big guns. As a buyer, you get to enjoy the monthly discount sales offered by the booksellers for better deals.

2. Chegg

This online bookstore is more than just a casually named alternative to Amazon; it’s a student’s study partner that gives you the best out of any textbook experience. They offer fantastic deals on textbook rentals, but what you’ll be most excited by are their student services.

Besides textbooks, you get access to helpful assistance in your homework through their online tutors, and your exam preps are significantly boosted. If you’re tasked with an essay or report, they have excellent writing tools to help proofread and improve your writings and citations. Talk about the complete student package.

3. Valore Books 

A subsidiary of Valore Inc., Valore Books is a website that further broadens your options for an online textbook selling site and good reasons. You see, at Valore books, you’re getting access to over 18,000 booksellers and renting services ready to offer the lowest prices possible.

Also, Valore Book offers free return shipping on all textbook rentals and discount prices that can save you as much as half a grand on textbooks. They also provide a much-needed customer support service that helps you through every chapter of your textbook rentals or purchase.

4. eCampus

The award-winning website is credited with offering premium services to customers in terms of access, costs, and convenience. Just their slogan, “Textbooks Easy. Fast. Cheap!” tells you all you need to know about the standards they’ve set for the bookselling industry.

So whether you’re searching for new, used, or electronic textbooks, the 2-time reader’s choice award for “Best website for buying college textbooks” winner has just what you need. 

5. BookScouter

We end our journey through the pages of this text by discussing the renowned website known for offering the best tool you need to compare the buyback prices of your textbooks. At BookScouter, you can browse through 25 different stores, searching for the prices.

What’s more is that as a user of the Bookscouter website, you can drop your reviews and ratings of the different vendors based on your level of satisfaction. As a bonus, you can also choose to sell your old textbooks through this site.