Tips To Make Your Posture Better For Ballerina Dance

One of few first things which any ballerina learns tends to be the way she properly holds her body. A unique factors of any ballet dancer seems to be an outstanding posture, even when she is dancing or she is not dancing. To achieve proper posture, ballet dancers need to practice regularly.


The steps below would help in standing and having a posture as of a ballerina. Only few minutes would be required every day.

  1. Stand up with the feet in the first position and heels of both feet touching with the feet turned outwards and the knees straight. Pull the muscles within tummy inside.
  2. Have muscles of bottom tightened and also flatten the back.
  3. Leg muscles need to be pulled up.
  4. Widen shoulders, by pushing the shoulders down and then back.
  5. The arms should be held down on the front, with the elbows bent a little.
  6. Lift up chin, while the neck is lengthened. Deeply breath.

Remember to keep the shoulders open while maintaining the ballerina posture. Do not look down at the feet but always up. Further a mirror could be used to check the posture too.

While balance is to be maintained during standing up, make sure the weight is one balls of feet a bit. When the feet are over the ground, the weight should not be back over heels but forward over the metatarsals. Then, when knees are lifted up and other thing which has to take place is that one needs to squeeze about that point.

Then, when the legs are rotated in, remember to zip up the tight trousers just underneath the ribs. Though, sometimes one could be quite strained on top when zipped up this way. So, ribs should be relaxed and if arms are put out in the grab bar, there would be one straight and nice line. The shoulders need to be there over the hip bones along with the ears over the shoulders.

If the belly is relaxed and so is the bottom, lean back somewhat and then attempt to iron out every little curve. So, lengthen spine, drop it down at bottom, to make bottom not stick out. Ears should be aligned with shoulders and shoulders should be aligned with hips to get excellently squeezed up and turned up thighs.

These tips will surely help to improve your posture for ballerina dance.