The Healing Power of Organic Teas

The healing power of organic teas has fascinated human history since ancient times. Who ever heard that wise advice from our beloved grandparents saying: My son has a cold? Take that tea that Grandma made that heals in an instant!


Teas are incredibly beneficial to our bodies if we use them wisely. When choosing a tea, from the famous chamomile (so popular for its soothing benefit and providing longevity), choose organic tea. Thus, we will choose pure and healthy teas, free of chemicals and pesticides from organic tea wholesale suppliers. After all, you want to treat your health, don’t you?

The following is a list of popular teas and their most widespread benefits. Keep in mind that even teas, if used in excess or without expert guidance, can cause health damage. Thus, we always recommend consulting a homeopath, doctors specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritionists, among others to guide them in the best choice.

Tips on teas and their benefits


It is used to detoxify the liver, improve eyesight, relieve cough and cold symptoms, cure dizziness and cleanse the blood. In addition, it improves diarrhea, treats stomach pain and prevents premature skin aging. Also, it’s widely used to treat women’s health.


It is used to stop bleeding and heavy periods, it has anti-inflammatory and diuretic action, being used to help the treatment of kidney stones and urinary infections. It is still considered a great diuretic, and can help in the weight loss process and in fighting swelling by fluid retention.


It is powerful soothing, helps to relax and relieve tension and stress, favoring sleep because it is caffeine free. In addition, it promotes digestion, skin health, reduces swelling, relieves colic, prevents nausea and contributes to longevity, among many other benefits. It has a mild and floral flavor. A delight!