Microbes, the Integral Microscopic Organisms

The majority of the earth’s biomass is made up of microbes. The number of microbes on earth is said to be ten times the number of stars present in the universe. Microbes are commonly presumed to be organisms that lead us to get sick, but they are much more than that. Microbes are single cell organisms that are further classified into Bacteria, Viruses, Eukaryotes, and Archaea.

What keeps bacteria and archaea different from those of human cells are the absence of nuclei with DNA stored in it. Bacteria are known to perform different functions in the human body such as release vitamins or proteins and are also responsible for getting you sick. They cannot be distinguished by how they look but only based on their function. One of the major Eukaryotic microbes is fungi. This microbe is a highly useful microbe present in the human body that is a source of vitamins and help in the release of enzymes.


Environmental functions

Microbes also have a variety of environmental functions. They are responsible for recycling most of the nutrients in our environment thereby playing an important role in the carbon cycle. They decompose dead materials and release the nutrients back into the soil. They are also responsible for the nitrogen cycle that helps plants grow. Microbes can also help cleaning water by forming non-toxic compounds with toxic substances, thereby making the water safe. There are also bacteria that consume oil which has been put into use to clean up oil spills in oceans and seas.

Microbes in the human body

Microbes are the oldest form of life on earth and have been constantly evolving ever since. Human beings and microbes have developed a complex interdependent relationship with each other. The human body provides an apt condition for microbes to survive and microbes prove to be essential for good health to human beings.

These interactions ensure the survival of both parties. Every individual holds 100 trillion microbes each and no two people can have the same microbiota. This combination of microbes for each individual is useful to identify a person similar to how fingerprint works. Microbes present in different organs are of different types. The microbes found in the gut is not the same as those present on the skin or in the reproductive duct.

Contrary to popular belief, microbes are essential for your body to function effectively. Microbes such as pathogens are attributed to sickness and discomfort while there are a large number of microbes that the human body cannot function without. This article – https://www.sochealth.co.uk/sp/health/microbes-in-your-body-that-you-cannot-live-without/ -provides some interesting information regarding microbes and the body. Microbes are what builds the body and also brings about changes as you grow older.

These microorganisms not only help in digestion by releasing enzymes, but they also produce essential vitamins and proteins for the function of the human body. They are also relevant to sustaining good mental health, as they influence thought processes and moods as well. The individual microbe formulation varies based on place, diet, and medical history. They help keep the body active and every body part in sync. Diversity is an integral factor regarding bacteria. A varied set of bacteria ensures a healthier you.

The structural detail and study of the same is what determines the behavior of a particular type of microbe. Their chemical constitution, shape, as well as behavioral patterns are what helps classify bacteria as harmful or useful. Consumption of certain foods is proven to increase the necessary microbes paving the way to better health. Fermented foods such as bananas, pickled cabbage, live yogurt etc are foods that increase the fungi present in the stomach and thereby improves digestion.

External supplements exist to help you remove the toxicity from your body letting only the good bacteria remain. These supplements supply bacteria to the gut and studies show that thus implanted bacteria stick to the walls of the gut and prove to be beneficial for your health by changing the microbiome balance. This medicines also prevent the stomach from getting upset during an antibiotic course and is highly useful to all age groups alike.

It is integral to monitor food consumption and to include the right kind of food in order to ensure your microbiome balance stays good. The food that you consume is not just for you but for the thousands of bacteria present in the human body. This ecosystem that the human body provides for the 100 trillion microbes present in the body and the complex interdependency they maintain is what helps the human beings, as well as bacteria, survive.