Vaping For The First Time? Things You Need To Know

Hundreds and thousands of death all over the world have been linked to the usage of tobacco. The on-going health complications related to cigarette smoking have resulted in more and more people seeking healthier alternatives that can improve one’s health and quit cigarette smoking. From tar and acetone to nicotine and carbon monoxide the substances in tobacco are extremely harmful to your health. Considering how damaging and deadly cigarette smoking could be to your health, vaping is one of the best and safest alternatives available.

Vaping could seem a bit overwhelming if you are new to it. All the things you need to know about vaping is available at Vaping for the first time? Keep in mind the following things.

Vaping For The First Time

Different types of vapes/ e-cigarettes

All vapes are not the same. They come in different forms like disposable e-cigarettes, pen mods or one that resembles a cigarette, and box mods. The disposable e-cigarettes are less powerful compared to the other ones. The box mods are much larger devices where the temperature or wattage can be altered based on your preference and they give out clouds that are much bigger in size.

E-cigarettes: Mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung

Mouth to lung e-cigarettes lets you take vapor inside your mouth before inhaling it and it’s similar to that of a puff of a cigarette. This device lets you take dense vapor in small amounts. A direct-to-lung e-cigarette allows you to inhale higher amounts of vapor directly into the lungs. The vapor absorbed is lighter in density. Most of the new vapers prefer to use a mouth-to-lung e-cigarette.

The strength of nicotine

The strength of nicotine to be used in the e-liquid can be decided based on various factors. The strength could vary depending on the style of your vaping device. If you are a smoker, the number of cigarettes that you smoke each day needs to be considered.

Choosing e-liquids

A base, nicotine in varying strengths and flavorings are the basic ingredients in e-liquids. E-liquids supply your brain with enough amounts of nicotine and this helps you to give up smoking cigarettes easily. Gradually you can bring down the strength of nicotine in your e-liquids before choosing one that is nicotine-free. You can quit vaping and smoking once you’ve overcome nicotine addiction.

Maintenance of vaping device

For your device to perform optimally it needs to be well maintained. Some of the main aspects to be considered are

  • Cleaning the tank regularly
  • Keeping the batteries charged
  • Changing the coil

Smoking tobacco could result in a number of health hazards including chronic lung and respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and several types of cancers. Vapes or e-cigarettes, on the other hand, do not contain tobacco and hence much safer. Studies and scientific researches have proved that vaping has helped in reducing the number of deaths and diseases caused by tobacco. Vaping helps a user cut down the usage of tobacco and nicotine and eventually quit smoking cigarettes.