Are you following the best artists of Instagram?

Technology has made it easier for humans to display their work of art on social media platforms. Due to the increasing use of social media in our daily lives, artists take this as an opportunity to reach out to like-minded individuals, to businesses and to simply display their skills. Whether they are painters or photographers, artists are heavily dependent on Instagram to promote their work of art. It helps them gain awareness and build a following.

As an art lover, it is important that you follow the ten best artists on Instagram. Even if you are an art skeptic, you will fall in love with their creativity and your perspective will change in no time. Here is a list of the top Instagram artists.

  1. Gary Baseman: Gary Baseman is an American artist based in Los Angeles and he uses Instagram as a tool to promote his work in progress and finished paintings. He also gives specific insights about his life like working in the studio and pictures from the meetings. He will bring color and joy to your Instagram feed.
  2. Ai Weiwei: Considered as the best Chinese artist on Instagram, he is a political agitator and is well known amongst lovers of art. On his Instagram feed, he puts up portraits of different people which include members of his family to political figures and people on the streets. He also puts up pictures of himself. He uses the platform to bring about a social change in the country by using his freedom of speech.
  3. Jose Parla: An American artist, Jose is connected with New York and creates calligraphy and installations. His interest lies in the way every life is built out of history and memory. He uses Instagram to depict his work in addition to showing his work in the studio and the artwork that influenced him.
  4. Olek: Agata Oleksiak is known for her goal to produce new work of art and to share it with others. She uses Instagram to achieve this goal. Her works include sculptures, installations and performance pieces in New York City. Through Instagram she allows her followers to see the process of creating her famous work.
  5. Ryan McGinness: Another American artist. Ryan McGinness creates graphic drawings which show the prominence of logos and brands in our life. His work is a reflection of corporate design and art. His work has been displayed across famous Museums in Japan and New York. His Instagram feed has a display of his work and a peek into his personal life.
  6. Toyin Odutola: Born in Nigeria, the visual artist has beautiful drawings under her name. If you are an art lover, you must follow her. Her paintings through light on our misconceptions about place, skin, and race. She features people from the country in a splendid manner. She also puts up pictures of her friends and family apart from the artwork.
  7. Faith 47: Faith 47 is a South African artist and is considered as one of the best on Instagram. Her work features art from cities ranging from Los Angeles to Vienna and she explores ideas like space and identity. She gives a lot of consideration and time into each of her Instagram posts.
  8. Jill Greenberg: The photographer’s work has received death threats in the past due to the famous work “End Times”. Her work features pictures of animals and people. She has the gift of art which can be seen in the stunning photos she clicks of faces.
  9. Petra Collins: Petra Collins is a model with significant connections in the fashion world. She collaborates with big names in the industry and is a visually appealing individual. She puts up beautiful works from time to time on Instagram.
  10. D*Face: A street artist from Briton. D*Face has a collection of images of his work and photos of his day to day life. He is a very transparent person and also gives an insight into the tools and methods he uses in the creative process.

The lists out these artists as the best in the industry. Even if you are not an art lover, you will be mesmerized by the stunning images they upload from time to time. The professional artists give a peek into their lives and share the work they do. You can add color and happiness to your feed by simply following the excellent artists who use a social media platform to display their work.