How To Choose The Best Music For Your Mood

Music tends to be undeniably important to shape moods, and specific mind frames require specific type of songs.

Fortunately, there exist many websites now which have the feature of mood searches. Rather than generating songs and artists by means of title or genre, people can now filter the songs by activities as well as emotions. Given below are the sites which would help in finding perfect songs that suit the mood.



It is a colorful as well as fun website which helps in finding music appropriate to one’s mood with many adjustable options. Initially, it gives instructions to the visitor to chart the mood over a grid. Afterwards, below this chart, one could select the music genres one wishes Musicovery to search for.

 Musicovery creates bright family tree according to the mood music. Every burst over the tree contains a shade that corresponds to a specific genre. Although registration is required on site to shuffle songs, one could always change mood over the grid whenever needed.


This site does create a playlist based on any favorite artist, though it also has a convenient search feature according to mood.

One needs to only click mood tab, select one emotion out of ten provided and then instruct AUPEO! that it needs to hunt the appropriate songs within all the nine genres.


This site has three elements: Mood, artist and activity.

Whatever is chosen, one would be guided to one playlist page to select specific songs or put them on shuffle. Also, there is menu on left which would suggest any other emotion, action, or playlists for artists.

It could be one excellent aid in finding the appropriate songs according to the feelings.

Only type any emotion into search field and click appropriate tag. One would get many songs which other tend to have tagged as appropriate according to that emotion.


In order to get any mood station over Thesixtyone, only hover the mouse over the field which conspicuously reads “popular” over top right and then click over any other moods. There would be a little menu popping up on screen with a total of twelve moods listed (including covers). Only click on any of the stations and they will start to play. If one would wish to have the cards shuffled forward and back, then click over at green paddles over both the sides of window.