About STARS and Mogul Productions


First, you attended local and national theaters to enjoy popcorn and the latest Hollywood masterpiece, and as time moved on, it jumped off the screen and onto your favorite channels like HBO or Showtime. Then came blockbuster and Netflix soon to follow. As movies continue to progress through modern culture, it is only natural for the next steps to fall into the hands of blockchain.

Mogul’s productions have done just that – democratized film financing in a user-friendly and simple dashboard. With STARS being the on-site endorsement mechanism with an on-site LP farm that yields upwards of 60% APY, there is a clear reason why it’s crossed the boundary from crypto to mainstream with recent features in Variety, Nasdaq, and Forbes.

It’s rare to see a Defi solution see mainstream adoption, let alone having more than 1/4th of the total circulating supply sitting on the farm. Users are shown upon signup a third-party audited contract, with the above industry standard as its overall grade. The opportunity to vote on your favorite film selection for special access, live streams, and more, STARS is a convincing use case to see border adoption than most other Defi platforms.

Most recently, Moguls won the free listing competition for LAToken, likely thanks to their community which encompasses over 30,000 telegram users. User growth seems imminent as the wider crypto audience discovers a true platform for user input on future film productions. You can learn more through the on-site lite paper, deck, and more, and stay tuned for the LAtoken release date.