How To Do The Card Trick

Playing cards with friends is enjoyable. You can also perform many tricks with the card. Presentation matters a lot while you are performing tricks because sometimes the tricks are not so much the sleight of hand or the illusion but it is really in the presentation. The easiest tricks are not at all really tricks but you have to make your friends believe that it is a trick


There are so many tricks but the best trick to learn is the art of presentation because if presentation is not present in your trick then your friends will not believe that it is a trick. It is not a magic trick at all, but it works because of statistical probability. It is the best trick as it works 90% of the time and it comes close to working with other 10%. You can try this trick by yourself and when you will learn about it, your belief to present the trick will increase automatically.

The trick requires nothing but your friends or a one person audience and a deck of cards. The first you need to do is to ask your friends or audience to choose two cards but there is no need to choose the suits of the cards. A 5 and a jack are the two cards which can be chosen. Then ask him to state his choice aloud so that everyone can hear. After this, hand him the deck of cards and ask him to shuffle the cards and make sure that the cards are shuffled good.

When he is done with the shuffling of cards, ask him to lay the cards face down on a table. Then lay one of your hands on the top of the deck of cards and focus on it. At this point, the art of presentation comes. Then convince the audience that you are rearranging the cards. When you are done with the rearrangement of the cards, explain your friends or audience that the two cards that he chose which are the 5 and the Jack, will be next to each other within the deck. After this turn over the cards and spread them, so that he can find his 5 and Jack next to each other in the deck.

As there are only 52 cards in a deck and 8 of those are the 5’s and Jack. So, the probability of those two cards of being next to each other will be very high.