6 Reasons It Was Time to Replace Our Old Garage Door

Our garage door had been giving us issues for a while and it was time for an upgrade. Here are the top 6 reasons we decided it was finally time for a Garage Door Replacement in Carrollton.

Safety Concerns

The springs that help lift the door were starting to show their age and fray. Over time, garage door springs can snap or break which poses a serious safety hazard. The technicians at “Garage Door Replacement Carrollton” inspected our old springs and advised it was risky to continue using them. For our safety, it was best to replace them. If your door seems sluggish or the springs look worn, it may be time for an upgrade.

Insulation Problems

Our old garage door did a poor job keeping the cold air out in winter and the hot air out in summer. It was drafty and uncomfortable when entering and exiting the garage. The new door features additional insulation which will help regulate the garage temperature and reduce energy costs. Properly insulated garage doors can cut heating and cooling costs.

Broken Features

A few of the automatic safety sensors had stopped working properly. The door would occasionally close on vehicles in the garage. New sensors were installed to prevent accidents and injuries. Safety features like sensors and reversing mechanisms are important to test regularly and replace if faulty.

Appearance Issues

The aging paint job was chipped and peeling in many spots. Cosmetic repairs were not a long term solution and a full replacement was needed. The new door has an attractive steel finish that will hold up better over time compared to the old wood style. An updated garage door can enhance curb appeal.

Performance Problems

Over the years, the door had gotten louder, slower and more difficult to operate manually. The motor, tracks, rollers and hinges were all showing wear. The replacement door glides up smoothly and quietly thanks to high quality tracks and rollers. Efficient operation is important, especially for overhead doors used many times a day.

Long Term Value

Repairing and maintaining the old door was becoming more frequent and costly. We could have replaced just the problem components, but it made more financial sense to invest in a new entire system for long lasting quality and reliability. A new door should last around 15-20 years with minimal repairs. When factoring in energy savings as well, the new door will pay for itself over time.

If your garage door seems due for upgrades or repairs like ours did, consider hiring a certified garage door repair expert like Garage Door Replacement Carrollton to evaluate your options. Replacing may be the most cost effective solution for safety and performance in the long run. Staying on the safe side is always a good idea when it comes to garage door operations.