5 Things to Consider Before Planning an Event

Planning a successful event takes careful consideration. Before beginning to organize your next event, there are 5 important factors you need to evaluate. Proper planning is key to ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Planning an Event

Tips for Planning an Event

Choose a Date 

The date you select can make or break your event, so research calendar conflicts and blackout dates. Consider holidays, sports schedules, religious events and other industry conferences. You also need to factor in lead time for promotion and logistics. Leave ample time for planning if organizing guided tours in Amsterdam style activities.

Set a Budget 

Create a detailed budget that accounts for expenses like venue rental, catering, permits, speakers, entertainment and promotional materials. Factor in potential profit as well to ensure your event is financially viable. Consider free or low-cost virtual options if an in-person event is beyond your budget. It will go a long way toward planning an event.

Pick a Venue 

Choose a venue that matches your expected attendance numbers, desired vibe and any facility needs. Consider amenities, capacity, accessibility, parking and tech requirements. Book early as popular dates book up fast. Scout virtual event platforms if an online event is preferable.

Develop a Theme 

An engaging theme helps create excitement and gives your event focus. It should reflect your goals and audience while sparking interest. Build your agenda, décor, promotions and activities around your theme for cohesion.

Promote in Advance 

Spreading the word is crucial for success. Create a marketing plan well in advance to build awareness through your website, emails, social media and community partnerships. Promote early and often using your theme. Consider guided tours in Amsterdam style promotions to generate buzz.


What is the ideal length of time for planning an event?

Most experts recommend allowing at least 4-6 months to properly plan an event. Larger or more complex events may require 6-12 months of lead time.

How many people should I expect to attend based on promotions?

As a general rule, you can expect around 10% of those you invite or promote to to attend. So if you promote to 1,000 people, plan for an attendance of around 100. Over-promoting is better than under-promoting.