Top Tech Gadgets 2016 – The Ultimate List

Every year lots of new gadgets have been released, making our life more easier and simpler. But it’s a very difficult task to keep an eye on all of them when they release.  Bearing this in mind, we have made a list of top tech gadgets 2016, simply to let you know about the latest technology that is being appreciated largely by the tech world. Let’s check them out and see what attracts you the most.



Everything is getting updated to meet the present day requirements, so why not umbrella? Here’s a smart umbrella, the oombrella that forecasts exact, accurate weather and tells you whether you should take oombrella with you or not, after reviewing weather. The idea is cool and might impress many.

Pregnancy Pro


Confused whether you’re pregnant or not? The pregnancy pro makes it all easy as it allows you to test pregnancy using a smartphone app. Now, you have detailed information regarding your pregnancy and you no need to visit your doctor specially to get this done.

Pocket VR


Looking to buy VR Glasses to experience virtual reality? Now, you don’t need to spend on those expensive glasses that look bulky and weird. It’s all possible with Speck’s Pocket VR, a smartphone case that also allows you to experience virtual reality without adding any bulk to your smartphone and eyes as well. You get a smartphone case and VR experience at the same time.

IRIS Eye Massager


Come on girls! This is yours product! The newly released IRIS Eye Massager takes better care of your eyes. It cures all be it dark circles, crow’s feet, or bags under the eyes. Employing Alternating T-Sonic technology, the eye massager brings your eyes a new, refreshing look.