Real Fur Fashion: How To Choose A Fur Coat?

Now that we are approaching the cold winter, you might be thinking of investing in a good coat or jacket. When it comes to keeping you warm, cozy and protected during the freezing winters nothing beats a real fur coat. A real fur coat is also a symbol of high-end fashion and it can transform your look from plain and simple to glamorous and stylish.

The task of buying a real fur coat may appear to be overwhelming considering that furs come in different varieties, price ranges, styles, wide range of colors and different sizes. Don’t buy something that looked perfect on one of your friends or loved ones. It could make you look boring or dull unless it is the right size, style, and color for you. Keep in mind the following things before choosing a fur coat.

Real Fur Fashion How To Choose A Fur Coat

Types Of Fur

The most important decision that you’ve to make before buying a real fur coat is deciding on the type of fur. The different types of fur that you find in the markets include that from animals like mink, coyote, fox, rabbit, chinchilla, sable, raccoon and marten. Each fur varies in its texture, comfort, look, color and price.

Known for its soft and smooth texture, luxurious feel and high durability the mink fur coat is the most popular of all. Coyote and fox fur are also high in demand considering they are quite affordable and keeps you warm and comfortable in winters. If you wish to buy something expensive and fashionable opt for sable or chinchilla fur. If you are looking for a real fur coat of the best quality you can check out the ones at

Comfort Levels

You need to invest in a fur coat that keeps you quite warm in freezing winters. The coat also should feel comfortable and cozy while you wear it. Understand the features of the fur you wish to buy and make sure the coat is lined with fleece or flannel to keep you warm and protected.

Colour Choice

Make sure you choose a shade that complements the tone of your skin. Even though black and white are the more popular choices when it comes to fur colors people are opting for different shades of brown and grey as well. These shades help you look elegant and classic. Real fur is also available in shades of blue, pastel, mahogany and gold.


The size needs to be perfect for you to look and feel confident wearing it. You don’t want to go around looking like a stuffed bear. Make sure the size is right for you.

Even though some may disapprove of real fur outfits it is something worth investing in as real fur is a timeless classic that never goes out of style and can last for decades or even centuries with proper care. Considering the fact that a real fur coat is a long term investment you need to do thorough research to make sure that you don’t get duped and that you’ve bought a coat worth the money that you’ve paid for.