Getting Inked For The First Time? Here Are Some Tips

Tattoos are not a fad. They have always been an integral element in cultures and societies across the world for millennia. So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, you will be celebrating one of the oldest art forms – a unique design that showcases your identity and passion.

The choices for a tattoo are limitless – from a personal homage to tribal motifs, there are many inspirations that you can delve into. Dotwork and minimalist tattoos with deeper meanings are great conversation starters while you can also carry a favorite quote in an attractive calligraphic style. Cover-up tattoos can change your scars and skin blemishes into an alluring design. Getting a tattoo is a beautiful decision to make because of these choices.

Choosing the right studio is also very important. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before you get inked.

Good Hygiene is Paramount

Hygiene is the most important box to be ticked when you are looking for a tattoo artist. Do your research and choose parlors that have a license. Only new needles should be used and your tattoo artist should wear fresh disposable gloves when working on your tattoo. Contamination from ink is possible so your tattoo artist should be using new pigment trays. Take a peek around and see if the shop has sterilization facilities.

The best tattoo studios will have no qualms answering all your questions so feel free to inquire about the steps they take to keep the operational furniture and gear sterilized.

Find your Artist

Check out as many portfolios as possible before you choose your artist. Do not make a random choice – remember that this is a permanent addition to your body. Professional setups like The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin boast a team of experienced tattoo artists with decades of experience and they also feature famous guest artists from all over the world. Explore the different portfolios on the website on a large screen so you can notice the details. A professional and skilled tattoo artist will have enough images and resources to help you make a decision. Study their most complicated designs – that is where you can learn the different skills, techniques and signature touches of an artist.

Where do I get my Tattoo? 

A concern we all have is that tattoos might not look as fresh as we age and our skin loses the firmness of youth. Tattoos tend to fade over time. The top tattoo parlors use the highest-quality inks that have a longer life. If you are getting your tattoo on your hands, feet or neck area – you will need a touch-up once in a while. Tattoos can be a little painful since needles are involved, so keep that in mind when you choose where to get inked.

If you are looking for something discreet, then the ankle, the side of the ribs and the upper thighs are ideal places to get inked. The reassuring fact is that your entire body is a canvas – the larger space, the more elaborate the design you can choose.

Tattoos also need their fair bit of tender, love and care – especially after it has been inked. Remember your basic tattoo after-care and enjoy this priceless addition to your personality.