Flash that Fur – Style and Maintenance Tips

The air is getting crisper. The fall season is here, ushering in the beginning of the holiday season and some cold months. Now is time to take out your precious fur garments and get them fresh and ready. There are several ways you can rock the fur this winter. Let us explore some of the styles and pieces that will help you make an entrance.

Buying Fur

Let us start with the buying of fur. It is always recommended that you pick your products up from a specialized dealer. Establishments like Scottsdale based Evans Furs and Leathers have been entrenched in the industry for a long time and have the best sourcing. Apart from stocking the latest in fashion, fur specialists will also be able to help you with reconditioning your older fur garments and providing other maintenance services.

Flash that Fur – Style and Maintenance Tips

Special Day Fur

Special events call for a timelessly charming fur coat to accompany your evening dress. The luxuriant texture juxtaposes with the slender silhouette of your dress. Ramp up with some quintessential glamour accessories – clutches, soft gloves, and some daring jewelry. If you do not have a coat, a thick stole can be the fur element in your outfit.

Formal events would require you to stick to a restricted palette. Monochrome black or white and tan shades are appropriate. Weddings are also a place where you can flaunt your best furs. A white fur coat can be an option for the bride while neutral tones are perfect if you are a guest. It also makes sense to keep warm if the event is an outdoor one – furs tick that box along with being a stellar fashion choice.

For parties and nights out with friends and colleagues, your fur and your little black dress can be the perfect conversation starter. A party calls for vibrant statements – with multi-hued furs the rage nowadays you can be a little daring while staying classy.

Everyday Casuals

It is not necessary that you take out your fur only on rare occasions. Casual wear allows you to bring out the more eclectic colors out of your fur closet. You can pair fur with your denim and thick boots, just ensure the outfit does not look to top heavy. Fur vests are a good choice for most casual outfits – throw it on as you go for a short errand or catch up for a mocha with your friends.

Fur Care

Fur is a treasure which can be passed down generations. If you take care of your fur collection, there is no expiry date. Since it is more or less a seasonal garment, storage is very important.  Ventilation is very important and if it gets too dry, your fur will get damaged. Similarly, if the moisture is high, the fur can start deteriorating – so an optimum humidity is needed. In fact, even storing it in the wrong closet can damage it – cedar closets have oils that damage the material. Fur specialists offer storage services, recommended because going DIY with such expensive items is a high risk.