The Untapped Gold Mine of Everest Trekking Adventure that Virtually No One Knows About

Making the trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal has been the dream of many including me since I was a kid. The idea of walking in the footsteps of legendary adventures and mountaineers sound incredible.

However, I didn’t know when I would have the chance to turn this dream to reality.

Luckily for those that have the chance to prepare for the trip, here are some untapped gold mines of Everest Base Camp Trek that you might not know about.

Take Proper Care of Your Feet – Bad blisters can end a trek as certainly as altitude sickness. I prescribe going with some duct tape and treat when you begin to feel pain and not after it turns into a real rankle as it might obstruct your trek.


Maintain a strategic distance from the Sun – Taking consideration of your skin and eyes is critical. Sunburns happen much faster at high elevation so make sure to apply sunscreen a couple times each day and wear a cap. Shades are an unquestionable requirement; it’s great to come to Nepal with a sunglass at least.

Altitude Sickness – Headache can be one of the principal indications of altitude sickness. Headache is common and ought not prevent you from trekking or stress you. Be that as it may, it is worthy of specifying that you notify the guide and if headache worsen or you have other indications of altitude sickness, then it is ideal to quit ascending or even head down.

Bring a book – Trekking to base camp takes a few days and it can get a bit of exhausting. You may just have the vitality to lie in bed and read a book, so bring a noble one. You can also purchase books in Kathmandu and at Namche Bazaar.

Hand sanitizer – Don’t stress much over showering. Virtually no one does on Everest. Showering is not exceptionally advisable at – 10 degrees; you can go for quite a long time without appropriately washing yourself. Hand sanitizer at least keeps you vigorous.

Sit at either the front or back of plane on the left hand side when flying to Lukla for best perceptions. The Himalayas are on the left and the front and back are not clouded by the wings of the plane. Stay here for your first view of Mount Everest before your trek. It will assemble the energy and the view is magnificent.

All that you need can be purchased in Kathmandu. From Tang to tea to pharmaceutical to books and maps. Try not to worry a lot if you forgot something at home. You can purchase everything at Kathmandu. Ensure that you bring extra cash with you.

Put your hair up. Women, this is for you. If you have long hair, place it in a twist earlier before the trek. This will save your hair from cut after the trek.

Have a good first aid pack. Headache is a paramount altitude sickness. Try to have your choice of pain reliever, lip balm and sunscreen. If you notices any sort of altitude sickness, try using your first aid and on condition this persists, contact your aide as fast as possible.


Having a tour to Everest Base Camp, Nepal has been the dream of many including me since I was a kid. With the tips above, you are at a greater chance to trek through footsteps of legendary adventures and mountaineer. And keep a notable experience for life.

These unique tips were provided by Balaram Thapa, Nepal Hiking Team member, a premier tour and trekking agency in Kathmandu, Nepal. You are free to contact him personally through email: or phone: 0977 014389212 (Balaram Thapa)