Lake Keowee Real Estate for Best Scenery and Residential Delights

Lake Keowee and the areas adjoining the beautiful lake are notching high rankings on the list of coveted real estate locations in South Carolina Upstate. The lake, occupying a pride of place in the lap of Blue Ridge mountains, was constructed by the Duke Power Company. This recreation and leisure spot for locals and visitors is now the address of many private and gated home communities. Here, we help you take a quick look at the pleasures of living in the vicinity of Lake Keowee, which is arguably, one of the cleanest and most beautiful lakes in the whole of South Carolina.

Best Scenery and Residential Delights

Lake Keowee and its many Bounties

The mountain views available from various parts of the lake can be described as being nothing less than simply breathtaking.  It boasts of a 300-miles shoreline and 18,500 acres of water, which makes the lake and as well as its surrounding areas very popular for tubing, water skiing, fishing, swimming, boating, day trips, camping, and picnics. The lake is about 297 feet deep, and flaunts an average depth of approximately 52 feet. The surroundings are naturally beautiful and are enough to attract the attention of people desirous of living a laid back and peaceful life close to nature. In the real estate locations lying in close proximity to the lake, the prices of homes are quite competitive and often lower than the rates of properties lying near the water bodies located in other states.

Why should you own a Property on Lake Keowee?

As per reputed Lake Keowee real estate agents, the singular thing that makes the ownership of properties in Oconee County and Lake Keowee so appealing (financially) is the fact that the property taxes prevalent here are often a third of the tax costs in other places of comparable natural beauty. In fact, some residents have been pleasantly surprised to find that the real estate taxes in the area located a little beyond Lake Keowee was almost one-fifth of that paid in Illinois far West suburbs, Chicago, etc.

The prices of residential properties range from mid $200k’s to million dollars plus in locations on Lake Keowee. The prices are dependent on whether the property possesses lake access or has a private docking facility or not. In the same vein, the prices are dependent on whether the property is situated on the fringes of the lake or away from the same. There are plenty of empty lake lots and new construction alternatives to be found in the area. Overall, it is quite easy for property mongers to seek and attain a home of their choice in the locations on or near Lake Keowee.

In case you are looking towards purchasing a home on the banks of Lake Keowee, it would be a good idea to start looking around for an experienced real estate agent who can help you find a beautiful property at the most competitive prices. Once you sign up, you may look forward to having a wonderful home soon!