How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal – Noah Georage Hendersonville

Noah George has been a real estate agent for over 25 years and is a founding member of the George Real Estate Group. He has helped tens of thousands of people find their perfect homes in North Carolina. Noah’s company, GEORGE REAL ESTATE GROUP, is one of the most trusted names in North Carolina and operates with integrity and trustworthiness that cannot be found anywhere else. To spread awareness about the real estate market to those who may not know much about it, Noah hosts his own radio program called “The Property Show” on FM95.3/AM1600 every Monday 9 am. Users can also stream live at


The following are a few tips that Noah George suggests to homeowners wanting to improve their property’s curb appeal:

There are many, many ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal. They’re all very simple and do not take a huge amount of time to complete. If you like, you can try them all or pick and choose the ones that appeal to you. You may not be able to do them all at once, and that’s fine too. Make a list of the top three things you’d like to do for your curb appeal, and tackle them one at a time.

1 – Trim up trees and grass so they look more orderly. It doesn’t matter what shape or size they are; just get rid of the dead branches and leaves. If they’re very large, you may want to trim them back so that they don’t look quite so overpowering.

2 – Clean up your yard or garden by collecting all of the toys, tools and junk scattered around. Put them away in a shed or garage if you have one, or at least put them in piles so they don’t look so messy.

3 – Plant flowers or flowering shrubs along your fence. This is a quick and easy way to add color to your yard, which will definitely improve its overall appearance. If you have room, you might even plant some vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers right by the front door–you can be sure that you’ll get compliments on them.

4 – Paint your front door a bright color like red, yellow or orange to make it more noticeable. This is such an easy and inexpensive thing you can do for your home, but it will definitely pay off in the long run by increasing its value.

5 – Repair loose or missing shingles on your roof. Make sure the front of your home is neat and orderly looking, especially if you’re planning to sell it in the near future. A good paint job will go a long way towards improving its appearance, but shingles that are missing or loose just look bad.

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