5 Reasons to Make Punta Mita Your Next Luxury Holiday Destination

If you want to experience luxury like never before, then this tiny get-away, located in Mexico, near the Riviera Nayariit is the answer. Punta Mita is the ultimate tropical destination known to be home to some of the best villa estates, tennis courts and premium hotels, in the 1500 acres that it covers. A popular holiday destination of the leading personalities of the world, including the likes of Software czar Bill Gates and Hollywood movie-star Gwyneth Paltrow, Punta Mita is truly a luxury destination like no other.

Luxury Holiday Destination

If you’re still not convinced, we have a 5-pointer list that’s bound to change your mind!

  • A Quick Getaway

This resort-town is just a stone’s throw away from several airports of US AND Mexico. It’s easily accessible by road as well, you can reach this holiday destination in less than an hour!  Or you can use your private aircraft or jet to directly land at the community’s private terminal.

  • Beach Lover’s Paradise

Surrounded on all three sides by clear, pristine water, Punta Mita has an abundance of marine life and is also great for water sports like surfing, snorkelling, deep sea diving and parasailing. The aqua marine water with its coastline surrounded by picturesque villas and beachfront houses makes for breathtaking pictures. The best part about Punta Mita is the beautiful breezy, year-round weather! Even during the monsoons, it rains only in the evenings and clears up by morning, making this a hot destination throughout the year.

  • Experience Native Huichol Culture

Punta Mita is steeped in traditional culture that belongs to centuries-old, pre-Columbian Indians. According to a legend, Punta Mita was considered to be the ‘Gateway to Paradise’ by them. Today, only a few of the Huichol people remain, and they are a protected community. You will find several exhibitions that showcase the art, history and culture of the Huichol people in Punta Mita. Also, don’t miss out on buying some of their handicrafts like, hand-made jewellery, artefacts and colourful textiles. They will make good story-pieces for your home.

  • Meet the Locals

Being a small community, there are many regular get-togethers, music carnivals, fishing tournaments and dance parties organised at Punta Mita. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the locals and meet like-minded people.  You can unwind, try picking up the local slang and drink your heart out to get a true sense of the Punta Mita community.

  • Live the Lavish Life

It’s not just the ease of accessibility or the beautiful weather or the close-knit community that will make you want more. You’ll be spell-bound by their beautiful hotel rooms with their best-in-class furniture and fittings and exemplary room service as well! The warmth and hospitality shown to guests here are unparalleled. Find the best rentals in Punta Mita in this post.

If you’re looking for a quick-getaway but with the experience of a faraway paradise, then Punta Mita is a place you mustn’t miss.