Importance of Kitchen Filters

Range hoods are unlikely to be among the top five kitchen items on your list. They might not even appear on your list. That’s because range hoods are one of the most underappreciated kitchen appliances. They are, nonetheless, one of the most critical in terms of your family’s health and safety.

But what are the functions of kitchen range hoods? And, more importantly, how do they make our houses safer places to live? Let’s look at what a range hood can accomplish for you and the 10 advantages it provides.

All of the cooking creates dirt and vapour, which might lead to additional cleaning time. Did you realise that keeping kitchens adequately ventilated can be a challenge at times?


Kitchen fitters improve interior air quality and eliminate noxious odours. Here are a few additional reasons you should pay greater attention to your kitchen’s upkeep.

Prevents Grease From Ruining Your Interiors’ Appearance

Wall discolouration caused by moisture and pollutants can be a big problem for smaller kitchens with limited airflow. Mildew and grease growth must be controlled. For example, grease is an unwelcome by-product of cooking. If your kitchen isn’t adequately aired, grease and smoke will build upon your kitchen equipment and walls.


Shepherd Filters are constructed entirely of wool, which is naturally fire-resistant. Our disposable kitchen grease filters capture up to 98 per cent of airborne grease before entering the exhaust system, where it could build up and become a fire hazard. You are safeguarding your business by reducing grease usage in the long run.


The canopy filters keep airborne grease from entering the kitchen hood exhaust system. As a result, it saves money right away by lowering the labour costs associated with commercially cleaning metal grease filters. This also cut down on the number of times you have to clean your kitchen ducts regularly.

Removes odours from the kitchen

Although fish maybe your family’s favourite dinner, you don’t want your home to smell like it for hours, if not days. Suppose you allow scents to build up while cooking; they can spread to other areas of your home. Odours can become trapped in fabrics, furniture, and even your clothes, lingering far longer than you’d like.

While you’re cooking, a range hood will extract these odours from your home. This removes any unwanted buildup that can be difficult to remove.

Choosing the Correct Dimensions

Various factors determine the size of the hood filter required. One of them is the size of the kitchen where it will be used. When choosing the proper size hood filter, consider the stove’s size with which it will be used, the type and amount of food being produced, the methods utilised, and the regularity with which food is prepared in the kitchen. When buying a hood vent, it’s standard practice to list the vertical dimensions first, then the horizontal dimensions.