Enjoy a Hassle-free Visit to Mauritius

Mauritius is a great place to visit and experiences a large number of tourists every year. It is a great island which is very accessible and contains various activities and resorts to suit all types of tourists. However, before you plan a trip to a new country there are various things that need to be taken care of and arranged. From flight and hotel bookings to the itinerary a lot of planning needs to be done. We can often forget one very important thing while planning our trip- within country transfers.

Traveling within the country

With an area of 2,040km2, Mauritius might seem like a small island and easy to get around, but it can take you anywhere from 1-2 hours to reach any tourist destination. The island has 2 main highways and most of the other roads are narrow streets. One of the highways is the one you will be going via once you land at the airport. Many companies offer transfers from Mauritius airport with reasonable prices. It is always a good idea to book this in advance to avoid bargaining and waiting in a long queue for your taxi after a long journey.

Places to visit in Mauritius

The interesting thing about the islands is that each region you visit on the island will be unique. You can experience different landscapes and vibes on one island.

The south of the island has a very rustic vibe with some great beaches. This part of the island is the least developed and offers great wildlife and an opportunity to explore untouched nature. In contrast to the south, the northern part of the island is an extremely happening place with great nightlife and always buzzing with life. Here you can visit Grand Baie where you can choose from a large number of restaurants, hotels, beaches, and places to party from. Here you can also tap into your adventurous side and try out various fun activities like parasailing and scuba diving.

If you are traveling with young children, the West coast on the island is something you should explore. It contains a number of shallow beaches which you can enjoy exploring and swimming in with your family. This part of the island also contains a number of luxurious hotels to make sure you and your family have a comfortable trip.

Don’t forget about transfers!

Before going to a new country to travel we try and think about all the things that we would need to plan and book in advance. However, most of us often forget a very tiny but extremely important aspect which is – within-country travel. Public transport, car rental, and other travel options vary from one country to another. It is extremely important to make sure to look up ways to travel within the country to ensure that all bookings are made beforehand so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest without having to hustle and stress about how to get from one place to another!