Tips to Wearing Boots Properly

I always get all excited and giggly at the idea of summer – the sun, the sand, the enchanting beaches, and everything that basically comes with the ripple of heat that the season brings. The skimpy swimsuits every girl is struggling to fit in, the surfboards, the smell of coconut-scented sun block and suntan lotion, and the lazy heat of this time of the year just makes everything all the more exciting.

On a totally different side of the hemisphere though, winter is happening. And while summer makes everything so hot and humid, winter makes everything so full of solace and romance. The layers, the flying scarves, and the biting cold, just adds to the beauty of the season.

There’s one thing that every girl can afford to wear for both seasons though, no matter how different they are – BOOTS!

With that, here’s the practical girl’s guide to wearing her boots for either season:

Women Boots

  • Less should equate to more – The less the amount of clothing you are donning above, the higher and more covered your footwear should be. Although it is not the norm, skimpy swimwear will always look great with a pair of knee-high or at least thigh-high boots. On another note, when you’re wrapped in turtlenecks and layers and flowing knits and kaftans-like clothing, you will want to wear ankle boots to make sure that you don’t make your entire outfit too busy.
  • Color adds to the season – To add to the cheer of summer, wear boots with a bright pop of color. Colors of cherry red, sunny yellow and lime green will all go well with the vibrancy of the season. On the other hand, the white snow with a pop of romantic-colored boots like a deep scarlet red, royal blues or emerald greens will go with the beauty of the pristine winter wonderland. There can never be a better way to make the best of each season.
  • You will never go wrong with neutrals – In any part of the world, and in any season, neutrals will always be the key to any outfit. You should invest in a good pair of khaki’s, blacks, earth toned colors and the white’s to get away with making it go with any outfit.
  • Simple versus the details – Similar to the theory of doing the opposite of whatever is going on with your apparel, you should always make the effort to keep your look clean and fuss free. While this does not mean that you should not be adventurous and just stick to boots with clean lines and designs. You should always make an effort to tone down your footwear if you’re wearing a “flowy” top, fringed blouses, or clothes that scream stylishly busy! It is a sure way, of making your boots add to your elegance and sense of class.
  • Boot color should go with the accessories – Just like any other footwear rules that we have been following, boots are not all that different. Your brown messenger bag should be worn with brown boots, your black handheld wallet be paired with a beautiful black pair, and your ridiculously loud brown piece of necklace should definitely be matched with a beautiful brown pair of deep brown’s. Of course, these should not be limited to browns and blacks, as beautiful mustards and pinks that go with the rest of your accessories need to match too.
  • Don’t go too much on matching everything – While the conventional and general rule is definitely to match, please do not let this limit your inner fashionista from emerging. After all, color blocking is the latest trend that has emerged last 2015, and looks like it will be staying for quite some time.
  • Let your boots shine through. Again, a general rule in footwear is that people are generally judges by the condition of their footwear. The first thing that people notice and the very standard by which they judge your neatness, is the state and the wear of your shoes.


All in all, boots are a versatile pair of accessories to own. With this, we challenge you to have fun with your boots, be creative, and go outside what is conventional. Fashion is an abstract idea that should not be limiting you to the norms of society. In the end, it was the trendsetters and the people who threatened to challenge what fashion has set that eventually emerged as the more influential fashionistas of our time.