5 Ways to Pack Light While Traveling

Packing is a headache-inducing experience almost all travelers hate. If you want to relieve the tediousness of packing, you’re going to want to pack light. If you’re one of those travelers that always has a bulging suitcase, this may seem impossible. However, with these quick tips, you can become a suitcase minimalist in no time at all.

5 Ways to Pack Light While Traveling

1.     Pick a Small Suitcase

Trick your mind into packing light by traveling with a small suitcase. This will force you into choosing only the bare necessities.

This trick is recommended if you like to be prepared for every occasion. Although you may find comfort in packing extra clothes “just in case” that peace of mind goes away really quickly when you’re struggling to fit it all into your luggage.

2.     Travel with a Carry-On Bag

Even if you’re not traveling by plane, get a carry-on bag along with your normal luggage. A carry-on bag is a bag that can fit underneath a standard plane seat. You can usually carry it with ease, hence the name carry-on.

Get a backpack or a large purse and fit some of your personal items in there. Because you’ll be carrying it, you’ll be more likely to carry less so it doesn’t become too heavy.

3.     Stick to a List

Before going on your trip, create a list of things you’ll need to pack. Work on that list on the days leading to the trip, not the night before. If you make the list long before the trip, you’ll have time to really think about what you want to take and what you’ll leave behind.

Take things off the list as you make your choices. Try to think about what you’ll buy while at your destination. Stick to the list as best as you can and make room for the things you’ll bring back from your trip.

4.     Limit Your Spending

Try not to spend too much while at your destination. All your gifts and souvenirs look nice on the hotel bed, but you’ll struggle getting it all in your suitcase.

If you do end up with too many souvenirs, you can always ship the items to yourself from the hotel. If you choose to do this, just make sure that the hotel gives you the tracking number and authorizes you to make changes during delivery. Because hotels schedule pickups with their accounts, you are marked as a third-party and may not be privy to information about your own package.

5.     Order the Rest of Your Necessities with Instacart

Instead of packing sandals, toothbrushes, pajamas, and other necessities, leave them behind. Once you get to your destination, order cheap necessities and have them delivered to you.

If you have an Instacart promo code, you can get free shipping when ordering these necessities.

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