Tips And Tricks To Use Nude Color Clothing

Nude clothing only is not signature look reserved for Kardashians. This look is famous for many celebrities. Here discussion is regarding clothing which is nude-colored and complements any celeb’s skin color. It is not limited to only a single color. This could range from deep browns to soft ivories. Choosing perfect clothing style and right shade is of utmost importance. If one makes wrong choice, then one would appear to be wearing no dress at all.

Here are some tips on how to use clothing that is nude colored.


  1. Consider Embellishment And Texture.

Lace, tassels, sparkles, or any decoration intended, could help in making flesh-toned dress appear less nude. But, such look could backfire also, if one goes for wrong nude dress. When skin is matched very closely, it would appear as if the one wearing it has contracted some sparkly and strange skin disease.

  1. Some Skin Must Be Shown

One might be wearing nude colored dress, though one needs to show a bit of actual skin as well. This does not necessarily have to be much. It could be some bit of legs or arm. Only one needs to show that there exists a bit of contrast between one’s outfit and actual skin. This should also be done to prevent it from appearing as if some long-sleeved stocking of body is worn.

  1. Put A Layer Of Contrasting Color On The Flesh-Toned Dress

When one is undergoing the debate about whether the look appears to be more naked compared to neutral look, then there should be put over the dress another layer like a jacket of different color on the top. Also, it does help when someone is uncertain whether nude top that is picked only washes someone out or enhances the undertone of skin.

  1. Do Not Attempt To Match The Skin Color Exactly.

As far as foundation is concerned, one needs to find the shade which seamlessly blends within the skin. But when shopping is concerned for clothing that is nude-colored, one should go for  some contrast between the clothes and skin tone. Nude shoes, however, tend to be an exception.

  1. Get Some Loose Silhouette.

When one is looking for ways to look naked, she should choose styles that are looser rather than conventional form-fitted clothes. There is little chance anyone would think a boxy top or breezy skirt is the exposed part of body.