The Best Toys and Gifts for 5-Year-Old-Girls in 2019

Sparkly dresses, playing in the dirt, some 5-yeard old girls may like one, somme may like like both. But an awesome present is something a 100% of girs would love to receive.

We have relieved you of the stress by doing all the findings, so you can find amazing gift ideas on our list regardless of the 5-year old girl you are shopping for. 

Look up this extremely amazing options for the best toy or gift for a 5-year-old girl in your life. 

The Best Toys and Gifts for 5-Year-Old-Girls in 2019

LOL OMG Crystal Star doll

L.O.L. Surprise OMG Crystal Star Stock is the best gif for your little girl child if she is a fan of the LOL OMG series, with most beautiful doll. With a new size and look, Crystal Star is the answer, she is in fact an older sister Crystal Queen.  Crystal Star is Queen of the snow, bathe in crystals. Curly pink hair with a crown on her head, with a very sleek outfit and one earring, a silver colored dress with a writing and a long skirt, with the doll’s pants assembled in one feature – spikes on the trousers, Crystal Star is an all time stylish doll

Not only is she portrayed in a Snow Queen style. Her image is very much wilted by a special scene, which of course also comes in a set. In the box you will find an ice throne and a large podium, so much identical to an iceberg with a great amount of ice columns. Such a podium has a special mount, where it is almost effortless to install Crystal Star in a way that will fortify its image. 

Crazy flying Owleez from Spin Master

The initial ever interactive toy pet that can be taught how to fly by kids; Owleez. The baby owl is double decked with ultimate trifecta of coveted features; the magic of flight, unique pet, interactive nurturing toy and, but to fly it needs the help of a child. With over 100 interactive movements and sounds, it responds to care, love and touch as well. By having her swung through the air, she can be taught how to fly by children. Owleez is made of lightweight and long-lasting materials so it’s fine when she crashes, it is inclusive of the learning experience, comfort her after a crash or watch her soar. 

Rescue Runts

This small animals will be adored by your 5-year old little girl, the initial toy line includes four soft and cuddly styles of puppies to adopt: Spaniel and Spotty, Shepherd, Husky. Each Runt comes with its very own grooming kit, including a collar, towel, brush and tweezers.

Rescue Runts need kids care and love to be perfect pets from ragged runts! When they arrive in their crate-style packaging, they look sad and lonely with their matted fur, dirty paws, downturned ears, pretend fleas and teary eyes.

But when kids adopt a Rescue Runt, they can get them involved  in animal rescue play while they clean them up and care for them, confirming them in healthy and beautiful looking pets.