DIY Home Improvement Projects – How to Deck Your Ceiling

Your room’s ceiling is probably one of the main highlights of your home that attracts the most. Here, we are up with a DIY home improvement project that will allow you to deck your ceiling with any wallpaper you like. The whole process is super simple and easy and there’s not any rocket science required to comprehend this. A cheerful wallpaper could really change your room’s ambiance, making it look more stylish and sophisticated. Let’s find out how you can add wallpaper to your fifth wall.


Material list

Get all the material required to add wallpaper to your ceiling. You will need a removable wallpaper of your own choice, a roller, plastic smoother, a pencil and measuring tape. Always prefer those wallpapers that match to your home’s interior as going with wrong one could make your room look ugly. So, think twice or consult with your family members before making anything final.


Get ready for the action

Before applying wallpaper, you would need to fill all the holes, clean off the surface and make sure your ceiling is in good shape. You shouldn’t apply any wallpaper to your ceiling if you have recently painted it, wait at least 20 days until it is fully dried.


Flatten Your Wallpaper Tiles

Since wallpaper titles usually come rolled, so you should wait for minimum 24 hours to get it fully flatten, ensuring there won’t be any issues while wallpapering your ceiling. Unroll the tiles and flat them by rolling them in reverse direction and then laying straight for 24 hours. After that you’re ready to deck your ceiling with new wallpaper.


Measure & plan

Write down the exact measurements of your ceiling using a tape measure. Confirm it again as going with wrong ones could spoil your whole project.


Apply Wallpaper Tiles

Now, apply the sticky side to your ceiling and level it using your hand. Slowly and gently pull down the remaining part. Use an 8 inches plastic smoother to level the wallpaper. Make sure that you don’t make any air bubbles while applying wallpaper tile to your ceiling. Congrats you’ve made it!