What is Screen Sharing and How to Implement it?

Let’s use an example to easily explain what screen sharing is. Imagine that you are in your office and need to support one of your employees in another city, as you have to do to add information to certain documents. It will be difficult to be doing this just with the help of a phone, without a visual aid one of the two in a little time ends up frustrated. Well, with screen sharing you can simply put on your employee’s screen your own computer screen and show you every step you take while explaining what you do. It is simple, much easier and faster.

The screen share software allows screen sharing are endless and only limited by our own imagination, from commercial purposes like virtual meetings , to educational purposes like e-learning , this technology opens up huge doors to a business opportunity and has immense benefits for its users.


Screen sharing utilities

Another solution that screen sharing allows, in addition to the mutual collaboration of several users simultaneously on the same screen, is the possibility that a user can have remote access to your computer and view your screen, and even if it is in the other side of the world. So screen sharing is not only effective among users but also be useful among computers.

It allows you to conduct online meeting, webinar or presentation and demonstration of products to anyone throughout world with internet access.

The way to trigger Screen Sharing can be difficult for some people. Because of this, there is an app that can make this process a lot easier – to tell you the truth, you will need just a few clicks to reach your goal.


The name of the software that needs to be downloaded for the action to work is ezTalks. Other than screen sharing purpose, it can be use as virtual classroom software.