Process Water Treatment Technology

Treatment-TechnologyManufacturers and those working in industrial settings understand that local municipal and ground water supplies may not be suitable for many processes within manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers have significant investments in this equipment ranging across a wide variety of operations including (but not limited to):  rinsing, milling, coating systems, plating, spraying, washing, etc.

Untreated water may contain high levels of minerals, sediment, etc. which makes these water sources poor for manufacturing and industrial use. Dissolved solids and minerals can wreak havoc on equipment and often negatively affect the quality of the finished products.

Industrial water treatment systems modify the water so that it can be safely used in manufacturing processes, and this water is referred to as “process water,” as it is now suitable for the given use. Which type of modification or filtration does the water require? It will depend on the composites found in the water, as well as the specific manufacturing purpose.

A survey was recently conducted to determine answers to important questions about industrial process water concerns.

Treatment-TechnologySixty-two percent of manufacturers reported that they need some substantial help with their process water, and only thirty-eight percent reported that they were satisfied with their process water.

The problems created by improperly treated process water have a huge effect on both the cost of maintenance and the ability to maintain critical process control. Obviously, a majority of manufacturers that use process water, have a great need for expert assistance regarding their process water issues, and solutions for the problems.

One solution could very well be a well-designed waste water treatment system that will deal well with effluent water. The experts at WaterProfessionals® have the credentials and the experience to tackle this requirement.

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