What to Look for in a Second Hand Phone Retailer

There are many shops where you can buy a cheap mobile phone or tablet in Australia. Much like buying a brand new car, prices are quite similar across the board for brand new phones and tablets.This is due to the pricing control that phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have on their official retailers. For this reason, we will focus on the second hand phone market and how to pick out a good retailer. Since there are many unscrupulous operators, it is important to be vigilant. To ensure you get a great phone from a trustworthy source, be sure that the retailer you buy from has the following:


  • Guarantees and warranties

There are many used phone retailers which sell second hand goods without providing proper warranty or make claims of providing warranties without following through. Be sure to ask and clarify their policies of warranty and what guarantees they offer to protect the consumer. You should look out for companies that offer payment options such as PayPal as PayPal offers another level of protection for the consumer.

  • Good reviews from a reputable source

Reviews are a good way of gouging a company’s ability to honour their word. There are many second hand phone retailers with bad reviews and those ones are the ones you want to avoid. Companies with bad reviews generally rip off their customers or have terrible customer service. A company that has a good standing on a trustworthy review site is more likely to trustworthy.

  • Website or store looks professional

Second hand phone retailers that care about their business will have make sure that their website or physical store is up to date. Many unscrupulous operators are not in it for the long term and will set up shop without putting much effort into their shop front or website. Be on the lookout for deals that ended a long time ago, as well as websites with poor category structure.

  • Sister recommerce website

Many second hand phone stores also need a website or source for their products. These recommerce website are generally website which provide a service for consumers to sell old mobile phones. Having a sister recommerce website means that the retailer has invested in their business.

These are many places online and in store where you can buy a cheap mobile phone in Australia. You have to be careful and check for signs of a bad operator to ensure you will get a honest deal. If you see something suspicious, then it is probably best to avoid and look elsewhere to make a purchase.